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Sep 12, 2016

In this episode, we talk to one of the best paratriathletes in world, Patricia Walsh. She is currently representing the USA at the Paralympics in Rio, and is an all-around amazing person.

We talk about a lot of great stuff including:

  • Para-triathlon
  • Her TED Talk
  • Getting a STEM degree as a blind person
  • Her competitive fire and how it drives her accomplish whatever she sets her mind to
Sep 5, 2016

To say that Ben Bunn is interesting would be a massive understatement.  The guy is a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, has served as a Green Beret and Infantry officer, and has a tattoo of Chuck Norris on his left arm.  More importantly, Ben is a smart and thoughtful guy that is in a middle of making what I'm sure will be an excellent transition from active duty.  He and his partner own Cigar City CrossFit in Tampa and are building a really strong community.

In this episode, we dive into some deep stuff, including:

  • Taking a proactive approach to transition
  • Why starting a business is scary and thrilling
  • Quiet moments and why they are so hard
  • Reconciling a violent past
  • Committing to a life helping others

This is a really honest conversation and we hope that you'll take a lot from it.  

Aug 29, 2016

In this episode,we talk with one of the greatest rock climbers to ever live, Tommy Caldwell. We talk about his long-time involvement in Team RWB, rock climbing as a post counter-culture sport, and how being a family man has changed his outlook on life.

We cover a ton a really exciting topics including:

Aug 22, 2016

Brian Stann is the CEO of Hire Heroes USA, an organization that has helped thousands of Veterans find high-quality careers. He is also one of the toughest and most accomplished people you'll ever meet. Brian played football at the US Naval Academy before being commissioned in the United States Marine Corps, where he would earn the Silver Star during one of his tours in Iraq. Never one to slow down, Brian became a professional fighter, eventually becoming the heavy-middleweight champion of the World Extreme Cage Fighting Championship and a top middleweight contender in the Ultimate Fighter Championship. In addition to all of this, he holds down one of the world's hardest jobs as the father of three young daughters.

We cover a lot of ground in this podcast, including:

  • Finding a passion outside of work
  • How to promote your abilities without being arrogant
  • The importance of a great attitude
  • Who he'd like to fight again
  • And so much more!

Brian is an incredibly inspiring guy and we guarantee that this episode will leave you ready to run through a brick wall.

Aug 15, 2016

In this episode, we talk with best-selling author and leadership expert, Simon Sinek.  We have a great conversation about ideas like: applying the "Circle of Safety" in the virtual world, why digital relationships will never replace actual relationships, and how 3/4 of an answer is better than an answer and a half.

Simon was a pleasure to talk with and he's been a long-time supporter of Team RWB.

We cover a ton of content in this podcast, including:

  • Leading in a virtual/distributed environment
  • The "Circle of Safety"
  • How knowing your personal "why" is critical to effective leadership
  • Why in-person meetings are vital, and often overlooked
Aug 8, 2016

Theresa Larson is a woman with many titles and one inspiring story.  She's played college and professional softball, served as a US Marine, and is now a doctor of physical therapy in San Diego.  In her recent memoir, Warrior, Theresa bravely shares her story of being platoon commander in Iraq and battling some inner demons.

We have a very raw and honest conversation about:

  • The issues that come with being a perfectionist
  • The challenges of being a female Marine officer
  • How movement and exercise helps us overcome trauma
  • The importance of owning and sharing our stories
Aug 1, 2016

In this episode, we talk with Nate Boyer - relief worker, Green Beret, Texas Longhorn football player, and all-around great guy.  He is a pleasure to talk to and we are thrilled to have him as both a long-time member of Team RWB and a guest on the show!

We cover a ton of ground of this one, including:

  • Lifelong learning and having a growth mindset
  • Texas Longhorn football
  • Breaking the 10,000 hour rule
  • Bringing Veterans to Hollywood
Jul 28, 2016

Major General (Retired) Chris Cortez served in the United States Marine Corps for 33 years. As an Infantry officer, he led Marines at every level, from platoon to division. After leaving the military, Chris took on a new mission at Microsoft and has committed himself to supporting Veterans that are interesting in moving into the tech industry. Through the Microsoft Software & Systems Academy, Veterans are getting incredible training and certifications that put them on the path to jobs, not only at Microsoft, but with companies across the tech sector.

In this conversation, we talk with MG (ret) Cortez about:

  • His transition from the military and how he found his new mission
  • Why Veterans are great employees for the tech sector
  • The power of Old Glory Relay and how it brings communities together
  • How Veterans can get training that leads to high-paying job
  • Why Microsoft is "all-in" on supporting Team RWB
Jul 25, 2016

Kelly Starrett is a doctor of physical therapy that has become the authority on human movement.  He's been closely involved with CrossFit since the early days.  His gym San Francisco CrossFit was one of the first 50 affiliates, and he was head judge at the first ever CrossFit Games.  Kelly's book, Becoming a Supple Leopard has helped thousands of people to perform basic maintenance on their bodies and unlock their physical potential.  In his new book, Deskbound he highlights the ways that we can counter a lifestyle that has us sitting far too much.  Along with his wife, Juliet, they have formed a amazing nonprofit organization called Standup Kids whose mission is combat sedentary lifestyle and obesity by providing standup desks to school children.

In this episode, we cover a lot of ground, including:

  • The challenges of being a parent in today's world
  • How to recover a body that has been abused for years
  • Why you should walk a mile barefoot
  • How to add one cookie a day to your diet
  • And much, much, more
Jul 18, 2016

In this podcast we have a hugely interesting discussion with Tim Kennedy.  Tim is a true renaissance man - he's a world-class fighter in the UFC, and Army Green Beret, hosts a TV show on the History Channel, and much, much, more.  We cover a ton of content in this podcast, including:

  • The importance of personal accountability, especially for Veterans.
  • What it is like to be a public figure while serving on active duty.
  • His show on the History Channel - Hunting Hitler
  • Range 15 - The movie that is taking the Veteran world by storm.
Jul 11, 2016

Joe De Sena understands grit and hard work.  He's been hustling since he was a young boy growing up around organized crime in New York City.  Joe also understands the importance of a healthy, purpose-driven life.  In this wide ranging episode we cover:

  • The origins of Spartan Race
  • Raising kids to value hard work
  • The importance of camaraderie and community
  • The value or shared hardship
  • Why he moved his family to Singapore, and much, much more...

Team RWB is proud to work with Spartan Race and it has been amazing to see the two communities come together.  Please enjoy this very special episode with a guy that is changing the world for the better.  

Jul 4, 2016

Patrick Murphy has accomplished a ton in the first 42 years of his life.  He was the captain of the hockey team in college, deployed to combat as an Army officer, taught law at West Point, was the first Iraq/Afghanistan veteran to be elected to Congress, became a partner at a law firm, hosted a TV show on MSNBC, and now serves as the Undersecretary of the Army.

In this episode, we cover a ton of material including:

  • Why functional fitness is a huge part of his life
  • How his youth affects the way he leads the Army
  • Using social media as a leadership tool
  • The most important lesson that his father ever taught him
Jun 27, 2016

Tim O'Donnell (TO as he's affectionately known) is currently America's top male long-course triathlete and has been a leader at Team RWB since our earliest days.  He has served on our advisory board and has coached at our triathlon camp since 2013.  Tim is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and is a six time champion of the Armed Forces Triathlon.  

We have a great conversation that includes:

  • What it feels like to be on the podium at IRONMAN world championships
  • Why it is important to bet on yourself
  • How he got involved in Team RWB
  • The importance of learning and growing after disappointments

Tim has been such an amazing ambassador for Team RWB and for veterans in general.  We are incredibly proud to have him on our team and we are excited to bring you this awesome interview!



Jun 20, 2016

Matthew "Griff" Griffin is a co-founder of Combat Flip Flops in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Combat Flip Flops is a service minded, dynamic company that creates cool stuff in dangerous places around the world - advancing their belief in "business, not bullets" to end global conflicts.  He served in the 75th Ranger Regiment with three tours to Afghanistan and one to Iraq, and is now spending his time to make the world a better place - his company uses some of their profits to send Afghan girls to school, and to clear land mines.

In this episode, we cover a ton of important topics including:

  • How he crashed and burned post-military, and how he pulled out of it
  • How giving to others can save your life
  • How he and his partners started Combat Flip Flops
  • His TED Talk on persistence, creativity, and respect
  • Being a Veteran entrepreneur on Shark Tank (go to 33:25 on video)
Jun 13, 2016

Annie Okerlin is an amazing woman who has committed herself to supporting Veterans and their families through yoga.  Her organization, Exalted Warrior Foundation provides adaptive yoga in the military setting and trains yoga teachers to best serve military members.  She's a great friend to Team RWB and has coached at multiple Leadership and Athletic Camps.

We have a very enlightening discussion around:

  • Why yoga is a great tool for Vets (and all of us)
  • How to authentically connect
  • Dealing with your "stuff"
  • Why the opposite of love is fear

This episode is full of great information and tools to help you and your loved ones live a richer, happier life.

Jun 9, 2016

Sebastian Junger is a best-selling author and oscar-nominated film maker.  He's been a war correspondent in places like Bosnia and Afghanistan and is very familiar with both combat and soldiers.  His latest book, Tribe, contrasts modern society with the more communal social environments of our past.  In doing so, Junger illuminates how many of the challenges that Veterans face, including PTSD, may have more to do with life at home than they do with combat.

In this very candid interview, we cover some provocative topics like:

  • Why disability claims for PTSD are so high in the US
  • The importance of Veterans telling their stories
  • How affluence may be leading to emotional strain
  • Why we should stop defending harmful narratives
  • The benefits of mandatory national service

Sebastian's work, and our discussion, highlight the need for organizations like Team RWB.  The human need for connection, belonging, and purpose are deeply coded into our DNA.  Unfortunately, many in today's society feel more isolated than ever.  By coming together, in our communities, through positive activities, we're building a very important tribe that just may remind America how great it feels to work together.

Jun 6, 2016

Captain(Retired) Florent (Flo) Groberg is a French-America military officer and the recipient of the Medal of Honor.  He was born in France to an American father and a French-Algerian mother and moved to the United States as a child. He served in the US Army where, in August 2012, he was severally wounded while attempting to thwart a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, and action for which he was ultimately awarded the our nation's highest medal for valor.

In this episode, we cover a ton of great stuff, including:

  • What it was like to move to the US as a child
  • His inspiring service in the US Army
  • How running has positively affected his life
  • His work with LinkedIn to improve the military transition process
  • Remembering the fallen
  • How to "Shut up and Listen"

This conversation is a rare, inside look at the making of a real-life American Hero.

May 30, 2016

Leo Jenkins is a man that defies titles.  His credentials include Army Ranger, Author, Traveler, Triathlete, CrossFitter...and having drank a beer in all 50 states!

Leo and I have a really interesting conversation that includes:

  • The difficulty of coming home after war
  • The benefits of travel and exploration
  • Finding a state of "flow"
  • Road trips from Alaska to Panama
  • Redefining success for ourselves

This podcast will definitely make you think.  Please enjoy the conversation and see what you can learn from Leo's experiences.

May 23, 2016

Jeff Galloway is a former Olympian turned running coach who has touched over a million lives through his books, training programs, and schools.

He's had an amazing career that includes:

  • Running the 10,000 meters in the 1972 Olympics
  • Serving in the US Navy
  • Training with Steve Prefontaine
  • Writing America's best selling running book
  • Writing a column in Runner's World
  • Founding the Run-Walk-Run training method

Jeff is a legend in the running world, and we have a great discussion that ranges from cross-country drives in the an old Volvo to the mental/physical connection to running.

May 16, 2016

Jessica Jones Meyers is a combat veteran, professional triathlete, and most impressively, mother of twins.  She has been a Team RWB leader and ambassador from our very earliest days.

In this inspirational and sometimes raw conversation, we discuss:

  • Adjusting to life after deployment
  • The not-so-glamorous life of a pro triathlete
  • Overcoming our own expectations and ego
  • Raising great kids as a divorced parent
  • Being an original Team RWB member
  • Deciding to go for it and chase your dreams

Sadly, at least for our triathletes, we don't get in to swimming technique or how to improve your transition times.  However, I think that everyone will benefit greatly from spending some time with Jessica.  We can't thank her enough for her courage and honesty in this really powerful podcast.

May 9, 2016

Bill Rausch is a former Army officer, he's spent time on TheHill advocating for Veteran's issue in DC, he was a consultant,he's a husband, a father, and a local volunteer leader for Team RWB-- and in additional to all of that, he is the Executive Directorof Got Your 6.  Overthe past couple of years Bill has become a familiar face as he hastestified before congress, appeared on many news programs, andseems to be everywhere.

Bill and I have great conversation that covers:

  • Leadership
  • Community
  • Growing up in the Midwest
  • Veterans in the civic process
  • Michigan/Ohio St. Football

Bill is a great American and a true friend.  It was awesometo pick his brain on this episode.  

May 2, 2016

This week, we introduce JJ Pinter, Team RWB's Deputy Director.  In addition to being a great guy and incredible leader, JJ will be sharing hosting duties for the Eagle Nation Podcast.

We have a wide-ranging conversation that covers:

  • Where Team RWB is headed
  • The "Sea of Goodwill"
  • Finding work/life/personal balance
  • Our favorite books and podcasts for life-long learning
  • Taking the leap and pursuing your passion

We're lucky to have JJ on our team and we look forward to having him as a host for the show.  Please help us welcome him to the microphone!

Apr 21, 2016

Lisa Jaster is most often recognized as one of three women to graduate the US Army's Ranger School.  In this honest and inspiring discussion, we learn that she is so much more.  Lisa is a West Point graduate and has served combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  She's also the wife of a Recon Marine and a mother to two beautiful children...and a member of Team RWB's Houston Chapter.

We cover a bunch of interesting topics, including:

  • Her motivation for going to Ranger School
  • The importance of having strong family support
  • Dealing with doubter and detractors
  • Coming back to the "real world"
  • Moving beyond broad generalizations about people
  • The value of community
  • CrossFit, Jiu-Jitsu, and Triathlon

Lisa doesn't do many interviews and we are very thankful to have spent some time with her as part of our Team RWB community.  She offers a ton of wisdom and motivation for all of us.

Apr 21, 2016

Jason MaCarthy is a combat veteran, former Green Beret, and founder of GORUCK.  We caught up with him at GORUCK HQ in Jacksonville Beach, FL to talk about combat, coming home, and moving forward.

Team RWB and GORUCK have a strong and growing partnership that is rooted in our shared passion for building richer lives and stronger communities.  We've worked together on the Kill That 5k race series, Leadership Camps, and the forthcoming Bridge the Gap Weekends.  

Jason and I have a great talk over a Bud Heavy and cover some big topics, like:

  • How Special Forces training has prepared us to build a business
  • Why you should do more awesome stuff with good people
  • How it feels to hit rock bottom, and what it takes to pull through
  • The fact that we all have much more in common than we think

This episode is an inside look at a remarkable veteran that has continued his mission to serve America long after taking off the uniform.  I'm proud to count Jason as a friend and Team RWB is proud to have GORUCK as a partner.

Apr 21, 2016

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