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Jun 27, 2016

Tim O'Donnell (TO as he's affectionately known) is currently America's top male long-course triathlete and has been a leader at Team RWB since our earliest days.  He has served on our advisory board and has coached at our triathlon camp since 2013.  Tim is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and is a six time champion of the Armed Forces Triathlon.  

We have a great conversation that includes:

  • What it feels like to be on the podium at IRONMAN world championships
  • Why it is important to bet on yourself
  • How he got involved in Team RWB
  • The importance of learning and growing after disappointments

Tim has been such an amazing ambassador for Team RWB and for veterans in general.  We are incredibly proud to have him on our team and we are excited to bring you this awesome interview!



Jun 20, 2016

Matthew "Griff" Griffin is a co-founder of Combat Flip Flops in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Combat Flip Flops is a service minded, dynamic company that creates cool stuff in dangerous places around the world - advancing their belief in "business, not bullets" to end global conflicts.  He served in the 75th Ranger Regiment with three tours to Afghanistan and one to Iraq, and is now spending his time to make the world a better place - his company uses some of their profits to send Afghan girls to school, and to clear land mines.

In this episode, we cover a ton of important topics including:

  • How he crashed and burned post-military, and how he pulled out of it
  • How giving to others can save your life
  • How he and his partners started Combat Flip Flops
  • His TED Talk on persistence, creativity, and respect
  • Being a Veteran entrepreneur on Shark Tank (go to 33:25 on video)
Jun 13, 2016

Annie Okerlin is an amazing woman who has committed herself to supporting Veterans and their families through yoga.  Her organization, Exalted Warrior Foundation provides adaptive yoga in the military setting and trains yoga teachers to best serve military members.  She's a great friend to Team RWB and has coached at multiple Leadership and Athletic Camps.

We have a very enlightening discussion around:

  • Why yoga is a great tool for Vets (and all of us)
  • How to authentically connect
  • Dealing with your "stuff"
  • Why the opposite of love is fear

This episode is full of great information and tools to help you and your loved ones live a richer, happier life.

Jun 9, 2016

Sebastian Junger is a best-selling author and oscar-nominated film maker.  He's been a war correspondent in places like Bosnia and Afghanistan and is very familiar with both combat and soldiers.  His latest book, Tribe, contrasts modern society with the more communal social environments of our past.  In doing so, Junger illuminates how many of the challenges that Veterans face, including PTSD, may have more to do with life at home than they do with combat.

In this very candid interview, we cover some provocative topics like:

  • Why disability claims for PTSD are so high in the US
  • The importance of Veterans telling their stories
  • How affluence may be leading to emotional strain
  • Why we should stop defending harmful narratives
  • The benefits of mandatory national service

Sebastian's work, and our discussion, highlight the need for organizations like Team RWB.  The human need for connection, belonging, and purpose are deeply coded into our DNA.  Unfortunately, many in today's society feel more isolated than ever.  By coming together, in our communities, through positive activities, we're building a very important tribe that just may remind America how great it feels to work together.

Jun 6, 2016

Captain(Retired) Florent (Flo) Groberg is a French-America military officer and the recipient of the Medal of Honor.  He was born in France to an American father and a French-Algerian mother and moved to the United States as a child.  He served in the US Army where, in August 2012, he was severally wounded while attempting to thwart a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, and action for which he was ultimately awarded the our nation's highest medal for valor.

In this episode, we cover a ton of great stuff, including:

  • What it was like to move to the US as a child
  • His inspiring service in the US Army
  • How running has positively affected his life
  • His work with LinkedIn to improve the military transition process
  • Remembering the fallen
  • How to "Shut up and Listen"

This conversation is a rare, inside look at the making of a real-life American Hero.